Jenni has dedicated her career to improving the way in which vulnerable families are supported in a crisis. Based on years of experience working with and listening to grieving families and children, Jenni has devised training and support both for them and for the professionals who come into contact with them. In recent years, Jenni has been designing and running personal development workshops, making them widely available to all in the community. She lives in Buckinghamshire and is a mother and grandmother.

Professional background
From her earliest days starting as a nursery nurse on a Special Care Baby Unit at Amersham Hospital, to founding and running the national charity The Child Bereavement Trust (now Child Bereavement UK), Jenni has spent her working life being an advocate for grieving families and has pioneered change in the training of healthcare and other professionals.

Personal journey
'Farewell My Child' is a book of personal reflections on the loss of a child. Jenni writes about how her own experience of loss has influenced her life's work. Jenni was invited by Child Bereavement Support Singapore (CBSS) to the launch the original 'Farewell My Child'. Their work inspired Jenni to speak to bereaved families in the UK and through Child Bereavement UK, to produce a UK version.

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