Publications for Adults

From a Clear Blue Sky

From A Clear Blue Sky - Surviving the Mountbatten Bomb
Tim Knatchbull

The Courage to Grieve. Creative Living, Recovery and Growth Through Grief
Judy Tatelbaum

Through Grief: The Bereavement Journey  
Elizabeth Collick

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying  
Sogyal Rinpoche

When Bad Things Happen to Good People  
Harold Kushner

The Bereaved Parent 
Harriot Sarnoff Schiff

The Spiritual Lives of Bereaved Parents
Dennis Klass

For Bereaved Grandparents
Margaret Gerner

Death... and how to survive it: a unique, practical and uplifting guide to coming to terms with the loss of your partner   
Kate Boydell

A Heartbreak Away
Flappy Lane Fox

The Empty Bed
Susan Wallbank

Widow to Widow: thoughtful, practical ideas for rebuilding your life
Genevieve Davis Ginsburg

Man and Grief
Carol Staudacher

Coping with Suicide
Maggie Helen

Grieving as Fast as I Can
Linda Feinberg

Children and Bereavement
Wendy Duffy

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One
William C Kroen

Cot Death
Jacquelynn Luben

Susan Hill's inspiring account of her passionate quest to complete her family
Susan Hill

Holy Innocents: grieving after the death of a baby
Margaret Sparshott

Loss, Change and Grief A Educational Perspective
Erica Brown

Art Therapy The Person-Centred Way
Liesl Silverstone

At A Loss
Alison Stewart and Ann Dent
Forewords by Jenni Thomas and Kaaren Fitzgerald

Grief and Children - A handbook for Adults
Atle Dyregrow

Armfuls of Time
A psychological experience of the child with a life-threatening illness
Barbara M. Sourkes

Children and Grief
J. Worden



All in the End is Harvest
edited by Agnes Whitaker

Just My Reflections
Sister Frances Dominica, Helen House Children's Hospice Oxford

Funeral, Thanksgiving and Memorial Services
Jan Brind &Tessa Wilkinson

Poems and Readings for Funerals
Julia Watson

Benedict - A Child of Mine
Alexa Warden

Publications for Children

Books and films can be a useful way of naturally introducing the subject of loss and death, helping children to better understand ....

'They all felt awkward and unhappy suddenly because it was a sort of goodbye they were saying, and they didn't want to think about it.

'Yes', said Pooh.
'When I'm ... when ... Pooh!'
'Yes, Christopher Robin?'
'I'm not going to do nothing anymore'
'Never again?'
'Well, not so much. They don't let you'.
Pooh waited for him to go on, but he was silent again.
'Yes, Christopher  Robin?' said Pooh helpfully.
'Pooh,when I'm ... you know, when I'm not doing Nothing, will you come up here sometimes?'
'Just me?'
'Yes, Pooh'
'Will you be here too?'
'Yes Pooh, I will be really, I promise I will be, Pooh'.
'That's good,' said Pooh.
'Pooh, promise you won't forget about me, ever. Not even when I'm a hundred.'
'I promise.'
'Pooh, whatever happens, you will understand, won't you?'

Then Christopher Robin called out, 'Pooh'.


Missing MummyMissing Mummy
Rebecca Cobb (Macmillan Children's Books)

Goodbye Mousie
Robie Harris

Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between
Brian Mellonie

Shirley Hughes

I Miss You: a First Look at Death
Pat Thomas

Red Chocolate ElephantsRed Chocolate Elephants
Activity Book and DVD

Waterbugs and Dragonflies
Doris Stickney

The Tenth Good Thing about
Barney Judith Viorst

The Lonely Tree
Nicholas Halliday

Always and Forever
Alan Durant

Badger's Parting Gifts
Sue Varley

Saying Goodbye To .....  (a series of 6 books)
published by Chrysalis Children's Books (isbn: 1841388351)

My brother and Me
Sarah Courtland
Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

Sees of HopeSeeds of Hope Activity Pack
Caroline Jay and Unity-Joy Dale

Carrying The Elephant - a memoir of love and loss
Michael Rosen

Sad Book
Michael Rosen




Publications Jenni has co-written

What Does Dead Mean - a book for young children to help explain death and dying.  Caroline Jay & Jenni Thomas.  Published & available from Jessica Kingsley.

Caring for You booklet and Memory Folder
(available from The Child Bereavement Charity)
Practical advice and guidance for parents at the time of their baby's death in hospital
Caroline Jay, Jenni Thomas

Paliative Care for Children and Families
Jayne Price and Patricia McNeilly
Chapter on Bereavement Care
Jenni Thomas, Ann Chalmers

Grieving after the Death of your Baby
Nancy Kohner, Jenni Thomas (available from The Child Bereavement Charity)

Responding to Children Bereaved by Sudden Death
Guidance for Parents and Professionals
Jenni Thomas, Ann Chalmers (available from The Child Bereavement Charity)

The Death of a Baby:
Guidance for Professionals in Hospital and the Community
Journal of Neonatal Nursing Vol. 7, Issue 5, 2001

Working with Families and Loss - the therapeutic use of ourselves
Infant, Volume 1, Issue 6, 2005
Jenni Thomas, Ann Chalmers

Mayes Midwifery textbook for midwives 2011 - chapter 70
Jenni Thomas

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