Short films and DVDs

Online films

Jenni has made these for the NHS Choices website:

Death of a parent
- view video

Death of a sibling
- view video

- view video

Parents talking about their experience of stillbirth
- view video

Neo-natal death
- view video


DVD's Jenni has devised

Death at Birth
- Training video for healthcare professionals

When our Baby Died
- for families after the death of their baby

Paediatric Post Mortem Examination
- a training film for all healthcare professionals

When A Child Grieves - Someone died, it happened to me
- a film for bereaved children and young people

The above DVD's are available through Child Bereavement Charity.

Words can't describe how you feel
Jenni was involved in the making of this film for the FSIDS with Dr Richard Wilson and Ann Derri-Bowen


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