Supporting parents

Father and sonThe grief experienced by parents when their baby or child dies cannot be adequately described. No loss is as significant as the loss of a child to a parent.

Each baby or child will have its own special meaning for its parents and within the family. That meaning will be reflected in the experience of grief and loss expressed by each member of the family. "My intention in supporting parents is to be sensitive to what they need and to trust that they will help me understand what is supportive for them at this time." Jenni Thomas

Support for parents through Rosie's Rainbow Fund.

Rosie's Rainbow Fund, of which Jenni is a Patron, was founded by Rosie's parents, Carolyn and David Mayling and her sister Ellie.

Jenni is working with the charity to offer support for parents before, during, or after the loss of their baby or child. The situation of loss may be anticipated such as when a child is not expected to live or it may be following a sudden, unexpected loss or a violent and traumatic death due to an accident or murder. 

Requesting support

You can contact Jenni by completing the contact form on this website. Jenni will email you as soon as possible and arrange to speak to you on the phone to discuss what support you would find helpful and how this might be arranged.

Ongoing support

A telephone support time could be booked on a day or evening that would suit you, or you can meet with Jenni, possibly at your home or a mutually agreed place.

The Lane End Conference centre in Buckinghamshire has kindly offered facilities to Jenni for support sessions

Grave stoneSupport groups and workshops for families

From time to time Jenni, together with colleagues, runs workshops to support families:

Peer support group - an opportunity for parents to share their experiences and offer mutual support

A bereavement workshop

Reflect Restore Renew...
...a workshop for parents whose child has died.

This workshop is a day of retreat and reflection for parents who have experienced the death of their child. View workshop details.

If you are interested in participating in any of these groups or would like to find out a bit more about them then you can contact Jenni.

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