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Jenni Thomas is widely recognised in the UK as a leading authority in grief support and education related to child  bereavement.  That is when a baby or child dies or when children experience the grief associated with the death of a parent or when a parent does not have long to live.  

Jenni worked for over 40 years in the National Health Service (NHS) supporting parents, famiies and children when they were faced with devastating experiences.  By listening to the families, she recognised the need for the voice of the families to be heard and what they said they needed to be a priority for all involved in providing the care.

Everything she learnt from families facing loss and death was the basis of the work of the charity she founded in 1994, The Child Bereavement Trust (now known as Child Bereavement UK).  

Today, Jenni continues to support local bereaved parents and families through two charities - Angus Lawson Memorial Trust and Rosie's Rainbow Fund - and works with other charities of which she is a Patron or Advisor.  She believes that an important part of her work with the bereaved is to support them in having an enduring connection with the person that's died while moving on with their lives.

'Jenni Thomas talks about Child Bereavement' is her series of podcasts which will launch on 10th Sepember and episode one will feature a conversation with former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss, as he shares how he and his wife Ruth were helped by Jenni and her bereavement counselling provided through the ALMT.  You can see a preview of the podcast here.  Jenni hopes the podcast series, co-presented by Nick Heath, will become a valuable resource for those who may wish to benefit from her lifetime's experience as a leading pioneer in child bereavement.  

This website also contains other information to inform and support those working in the field of child bereavement, as Jenni is unable to respond to individual requests for help.  

Jenni is a Patron for the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust and Rosie's Rainbow Fund.

Jenni is also Patron of Teddy's Wish and Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood.

Jenni is an Advisor to the Ruth Strauss Foundation.   On Thursday 15th August 2019 is the Ruth Strauss Foundation Day at Lords where attendees of the second Ashes Test have been encouraged to wear red and turn the cricket #RedForRuth.  We wish the event every success in raising funds.  You can see Andrew Strauss talking on BBC 5 Live about how Jenni helped him and Ruth here 

"The true way to mourn the dead is to take care of the living who belong to them." Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

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